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May 14th Lesson: The Magical Oil that Brought Peace of Mind

I have been combing through my daughter’s hair for exactly one month now since discovering Head Bug Epidemic 2.0. As of tonight’s combing session, I’m confident that she is bug and nit-free. I was fairly sure all was fine about a week ago, but those creepy little bugs (and the mess they leave behind) instill the utmost paranoia and anxiety in me. So I overdue the number of weeks of combing.

They seriously make me crazy and make me cry. I’m pretty sure I cried the first full week. The actual bug itself is creepy, but I don’t usually cry over bugs alone. It is the amount of work it takes with combing and preventing re-infestation that really makes me cry.

This time I discovered a new natural oil, Neem oil. It repels them AND it kills them. It is a such a stinky oil, but I swear it works. I read about it online and ordered some on Amazon. Peace of mind is everything.  The Neem oil really helped with that – and my gosh the smell alone was a reminder that it was working to repel anything that may want to live on our heads. It really does smell awful.

I could go into the whole story about Head Bug Epidemic 2.0, but I really just want to leave it in the past right now. I do have some tips for dealing with it that I’ll share in a later post. For now, I just want to give my daughter big hugs and continue to repel any unwanted head visitors going forward.

What’s my biggest lesson of the day (and the entire month)? Use Neem oil regularly to keep that crap away from our hair. We had some stinky hair, but it sure was soft! I will always keep a stash of that oil in our house.

Stifle Me Not

May 8th Lesson: I Miss Hugs

It was April 15th when I discovered the dreaded head bug on my daughter. When that happens, this house turns into a head-contact-free zone for weeks. That eliminates one very special form of contact – hugs! We attempt to hug, but it turns into more of a back-pat. It’s not the full on squeezie hug where your chin rests firmly in the other person’s shoulder/neck nook and you can feel the love.

The heads in this house are restoring to their natural state and we’re all slowly letting down our hair. (Pun intended, I’m so silly!)

Today my son gave me the biggest squeezie hug and it was the best thing ever. I also gave my daughter a nice big hug too. We were all so overdue for a nice big hug!

Today I learned just how important a simple hug is. Hugs are so precious!