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May 6th Lesson: Quality Time is Irreplaceable

About 2 years (or more maybe) ago my mom bought my daughter this make-it-yourself decorative stepping stone. My daughter has asked me to make this thing a million and one times since she got it. It has been collecting dust in the back sun room for entirely too long. Each spring, when I clean out the sun room, she is hopeful that I’ll help her with it. It’s a cement mixture that you pour into a mold and then decorate with multi-colored glass pieces. It takes about 48 hours to dry. Each time she has asked, I read the directions and then I say it will take too long, or it’s too messy, or the weather isn’t right outside, or I’m tired.

Today she asked, staring at me with hopeful but doubtful eyes. I had no good reason not to help her make the stepping stone. In fact, once we got started, it was really fun. Her brother went down for a nap and so it was just her and me decorating the cement mold and chatting. She even told me she really likes to do crafty things with me.

I was happy and sad all at the same time. She doesn’t need much, just a little bit of quality mama time. Today I learned that I need to spend more quality time with her. I’ve been a “working” mom for so long that I never realized how much time I haven’t spent with her. Eating dinner together or sitting in the living room on our devices does not count. When she looks back at her childhood, I want her to remember moments like today with me and not just me nagging her to put away her clothes.

I’m grateful for this day and for this valuable lesson.

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