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May 4th Lesson: The Sock Rule Wins

Each night that I put my kids to bed, they insist on wearing socks. Both my 2-year old and my 9-year old make it mandatory that socks are on their feet before their head hits the pillow. Their personalities are not the same, so I find it funny that they have this one thing in common.

One night my son was extra tired and forgot about the sock requirement before he crawled into bed. I said good-night and closed his door, and within a few minutes he was furiously shrieking about his lack of socks. My daughter will go without socks all day long, and as I’m nagging her into bed, she’s always sliding on a new pair of socks, matching or not.

This week it has been warmer than usual in the evening. The upstairs is stuffy because of the humidity. I’ve tried to talk them both out of wearing socks. Like, aren’t they extra hot? Isn’t it uncomfortable? Nope, they both stubbornly insist that socks are a nighttime necessity and there will be no bargaining about The Sock Rule.

Okay, fine. I decided that this one is not worth fighting. I have learned that if a little pair of socks brings my children comfort to sleep peacefully through the night, then so be it.  Me, on the other hand, my socks will be on the floor next to the bed, and I will be resting peacefully while they snooze.

Stifle Me Not