May 24th Lesson: I have to figure out summer activities ASAP

My daughter’s last day of school is tomorrow. For the first time in, well, ever, I’m not working, my daughter isn’t going to summer camp, and my son is a talking-walking-need-to-wear-him-out machine. I have some activity planning to do or these kids are going to get more than bored, and for the more selfish reason — > I will go insane.

I have been a mom for more than 9 years. I have never really been off of work for more than a week (other than maternity leave) with both kids for an extended period of time.

I know, I know, what kind of mom am I?

Well, I’ve always been of the overworked variety and shared the parenting with my husband. He’s way better at this activity stuff than I am. I’m not used to having to plan anything. Usually, when I’m home, it’s a lazy Saturday morning in front of the TV, maybe some playing in the yard, or a trip to Target or the grocery store. And then it’s Monday morning again and I’m off to the office.

Not this summer. We’re entering Memorial Day weekend on a whole new level.

I’m making a list of things to do with my kiddos. Today I learned that I want this time off to be a blessing, not a curse, and so we’re going to try to make some memories.

Stifle Me Not


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